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This is a Blog devoted to discussing issues surrounding modern atheism. It is an attempt to be open minded and reach conclusions based on evidence-based reasoning. Both atheist and theistic arguments will be presented and critiqued.

This Blog will focus particularly on the ‘new atheism’, the writings and thinking of people such as Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris and Daniel Dennett (the four horsemen).

I’d love interaction and discussion as we explore many interesting and important issues.

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The forum is run by Robert Martin, currently based in Melbourne, Australia.Rob Martin

Robert is presently a follower of Jesus but has seriously entertained atheism at two points in his life. He presently believes that there is reasonable evidence for his beliefs, particularly evidence for the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. With this said, he is willing to change his mind if reasonable reasons were provided.

Robert works for an organisation called The City Bible Forum in Melbourne. This organisation, like this Blog, seeks to ask the bigger questions. He has also contributed to a book called, ‘Disbelieving Disbelief’ which critiques the works of the New Atheists.

  1. Liking the posts here so far, I have added to my subscriptions.

  2. Amanpreet Singh permalink

    Dear respected Sir/Madame,
    I never thought I would write something to you. This message to you is actually a humble request from my side, i am an atheist though I don’t usually like to use the term as I just think the way I think and it shouldn’t put a label have any affect on my life or on me but apparently it does. I am writing to you from Singapore, where I am stuck, I cannot return back home to India at the moment. I have faced some brutal behavior the last time i returned to India from Canada. I was an engineering student in Vancouver, though i was planning to change into theoretical physics and cosmology. It was there when I started to feel this free environment and gradually began to share my views with my family as i was approaching my 20’s. But it didn’t had a good result, after sometime i was sent back to India in order to be a life lesson and without even finishing my degree. Once back it was made clear to me that i am not returning back. I showed an interest to do a journalism diploma from a university but immediately shut down so I started to work. work wasn’t good either I faced persecution of a kind as one of my bosses was related to the Bajrang Dal (you can YouTube or Google them) and quickly I found a way, I shut my mouth and mind, pretended to be somebody i wasn’t, it wasn’t Canada anymore and no freedom of speech, though people outside my family dint buy it, I flew to Singapore on a Training permit. Though it is short lived i have to return soon.
    I am tired of returning and i miss studying again, my life and career are in danger because of my state of just being. i am not going into too many details here.
    I need some advice, some way that i can start my life again and breathe fresh air. I am being pushed inside and further and its hard to keep doing that.
    Please if you could help me in telling a way out.
    A short message would be great.
    Thank you
    Amanpreet Sing

  3. Robert, I am hoping you could share with me the evidence you have for the resurrection

  4. The forum’s name is disingenuous. “A Christian apologist’s take on atheism” would be closer to the mark.

    • Sort of. The forum engages modern atheism – in that sense it’s an atheist forum. Thanks for command sorry if you feel it’s disingenuous

  5. MOHAMMED KHOKON permalink

    , ” I am in your individuality, but you do not observe”(Sura Dhariyat, 51:21)Quran. Natural selection, Mutaion,billion years Evolutionary process will never change individuality in a Species, You cannot be a monkey and Homosapien at the same time, every atom, electron, cell or species is a single existance and follow their own destiny, A BEGINING AND AN END to curve a historical truth..there will be no new George washington or bush or obama in history again.
    Latest thinking comfirm Evolution is invalid or false .SOMETHING over writes Time. (Destiny)
    “I am in your individuality but you do not observe” ( sura dahriyat.Quran 51:21) EVOLUTION is An attempt to change humen thinking in wrong direction based on Time. Humen or Water (h2o) is not product of Time, Time will not change water (h2o). Atomic and molecular weight of all elements or compounds will remain same on earth or distant planets in universe. There is SOMETHING permanent in universe.
    Evolution Theory succumb in concept of Time. Time is relative standard…..(Einstein). In reality Time does not Exist. Time is illusion or 4th Dimension. What will be definite proof that Evolution Theory is invalid or False….?? It is water H2O … In billion years Water H2O remained unaffected by Time…… Water H2O is not a product of Time..Whooooo created water ??No Water, no life, No evolution, No natural selection..Water is a phenomena out of time, a rule over nature. When Time fails Evolution fails. An instant knock out of whole Evolution theory, so called Darwinism.
    If life is an accident Then every incident happening in this world will demand an accident. Even existance of a piece of Bullshit cannot be confirmed without a Bull…So from where two cars will come to cause an Accident. What will be definite proof that life is not an accident, Just throw a bag of rice mixed with vinegar in a dark warm place, within 48 hours you will see bag of rice turned into full of life, ( worms) Throw it again if it happens again then this incident ( life ) is not an accident, example is silly but it points out a big mistake in evolution history. is not an Accident but conditional (Confirmed)
    H20 ( water) is a permanent condition in nature which caused diversity of life on earth. Scriptures says life is created not evolved from water” And God created every animal from water ” ( Quran 24:45 ) . What will be definite proof that life is created and not evolved ?? It is water H2O. Water suffered no evolution from another source as a product of time thus Water lack co ordination and stability with time to aid a billion years evolutionery process . If water is found in another planet, still water cannot be designated as product of Time, H2O is A permanent law or command written by PEN in nature (destiny) which will contnue to display any where in universe where oxygen and hydrogen is available. If life is an Accident then Life may be found in another planet even that planet is made of copper. For An accident cannot be dependent on another factor like water..if a Pre-condition like water is a requirement for an accident (life) to happen,then this life must be A divine plan.
    Time is not a cause Time is not a real entity or quantity. Time is nooothing.. Null…00.. Nada (void of self). To validate evolution theory you must establish A definition of Time, it is not possible. Did you ever think or ask yourself a question WHAT IS TIME ??? your mind will go blank, Time will create a delusion in your psyco, beacuse Time itself is illusion, In mathematical term time is variable,Relative and unstable .To understand Einstiens space time theory you need to grow wrinkles on your forhead likeEinstein.
    1 Kg, 1 Lbs, 1 Km, 1 Mile, 1 Minute, 1 Hour, 1 Year ,100 Years, Million years, Billion years, Time is a relative standard (Einstein) Water is not a product of time, Atomic and Molecular weight of all elements and componds will remain same unaffected and unchanged by Time until eternity. Even number of smallest praticle electrons and protons, will remain same on this earth or another planet. . TIME FAILED HERE AS ETERNAL CAUSE………. Evolution is invalid or false (confirmed).
    Astronomy says,universe has a begining (BIGBANG) and this ever expanding universe will end up on a reverse massacre when gravitational point is zero..(.00)…Since universe has a begining and universe has an end there must be CREATOR. An american scientist said give me time and technology I will create A Man. His intention was to claim A God is not necessary to create a Man, in that case is it not true that american scientist will be creator or God of that Robot. So origin cannot be denied.”Looook” Watch out” what Richard Dawkins a british biologist, an evolution scientist saying “Darwin made it possible to be an intellectually fulfilled atheist.”I am my own god. Richard Dawkins is actualy confirming God in his own self like pharooh of anciant Egypt,
    so Existance of God cannot be denied,
    Why monky look like Man ?? We know the root confusion is there than observation of species. …Answer is Beacuse God wanted that way, Superior inferior brain dogma does not fit between an Ant and An Elephant. Yet there is an inbuilt similarity common in all creatures, We all see and hear beacuse God Almighty see and hear all things, it will be more appropriate to say humanity came from a Godlike origin not a monky beacuse our thinking does not support that humanity will ever evolve into a new species diffrent than human . Jesus is a sign from God Almighty that evolution is False and singing of million billion years(evolution) not required for creation of Man…..Prophat Mohammed peace be upon him said Allah The Almighty said:” The son of adam abuses Me. He curses Time and I AM TIME for in My hand is night and day”( Narrated Authentic by Abu Huraira may Allah be pleased upon him.(book of bukhari and muslim

    • Thanks again for the comment, but I think you posted something similar on another thread. Can you please keep your comments relevant. Thanks

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