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Why Ricky Gervais wants to drown everyone

January 6, 2016

Just before Christmas I saw a couple of comments by Ricky Gervais on Facebook concerning animal welfare. They really piqued my interest as they raised deep questions about the value of human life and judgement on evil human behaviour.

Something to make you angry?

The first post was why the death of a man should cheer you up. The second post came a couple of days later about another animal welfare story.

Judgement of wickedness?

What caught my eye was a comment made by Gervais himself commenting on the morality of such an act:

I’m so ashamed of my species. I wish God really did exist so he drown us all like it says in that mental book. I fucking would. [18.551 likes]

It was fascinating that Gervais, a convinced and celebrated atheist, wanted an ultimate judgement! This is something that atheism can never achieve, but it does resonate deeply within us and was precisely the purpose of the great flood of Noah.

Gervais has spoken about Noah in his stand up comedy. In his routine he was critical of the God wanting to wipe out humanity, accusing him of ‘going straight to genocide’. He was critical of what he thought were petty crimes instead warning God of ‘anger management’.

Yet his recent Facebook comment suggests that maybe God does have a case after all?

Gervais seems to have understood and empathised with God who looked out and ‘saw how great man’s wickedness on the earth had become and that every inclination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil all the time. The Lord was grieved that he had made man on the earth, and his heart was full of pain’ (Genesis 6:6-7).

Gervais looked out and saw how great man’s wickedness on the earth had become, he was grieved and ashamed.

Perhaps if Gervais’ children’s book on Noah had a picture of a hunter next to a dead animal and a man playing with a dying wolf he’s about to kill, then maybe Gervais might not be so quick at making jokes about the ‘petty’ nature of God’s anger on human wickedness.

Many atheists, including Gervais, criticise the flood of Noah as being an awful, unnecessary,  genocide. Yet deep down it appears that when faced with dreadful human behaviour Gervais has acknowledged that we really do want judgement – and 18,551 people agree.


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  1. matt permalink

    The difference is this.
    All of us at one time or another find ourselves fed up with human behaviour. Today i listened to the radio news and commented to some friends that if aliens were watching us im sure theyd quote Ripley from Aliens “i say we take off…nuke the entire site from orbit….only way to be sure”.


    As my friends reminded me there are small snippets of beauty here and there. A laughing child. A newly joined couple. Little glimpses of kindness.

    Secondly all of us know we are not being completely serious when we suggest such things.

    It is an expression of exasperation.

    Unfortunately many in the church seem to half believe that wiping out billions of people is a good and necessary thing for to do/have done.

    Justice is greatly important but there are alternatives to obliterating your enemies.

    Sun Tzu talks about winning without fighting and winning by turning your enemy into your friend.

    This wisdom seems lost on those who defend an allegorical genocide as the right thing purely because the committer of genocide in this is by definition incapable of unwise error prone wrong doing.

    Therefore all manner of reasoning is applied to defend this ‘truth’ rather than accept that perhaps Moses or whoever the authors were were giving a critique of culture that is not so different than what people still say today.

    The bible has relevance though not necessarily in the ways commonly held.

  2. Philip Wraight permalink

    The problem with the human race is, we have to much intelligence!, we need to see the reason behind everything. Yet, we are still fooled by religious tripe (not all of us though). I presume that every time a storm kills people, the devout among us attribute it to gods anger or whatever floats their boat, this is across all the religions of Earth. We are born, we live, we die!, nothing before, nothing after. please, please human race grow up and accept this FACT!!.

  3. Philip Wraight permalink

    Do people actually believe that some imaginary entity wiped out millions of people & creatures by flooding the Earth??. Also that some old geezer collected up all the creatures two by two on some boat and saved them for prosperity??. YES!!, GO FIGURE!!. Crammed lots into 6,000 years this entity hasn’t it??!!.

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