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Why Ricky Gervais delights in the death of a man

January 6, 2016

Just before Christmas I saw a couple of comments by Ricky Gervais on Facebook concerning animal welfare. They really piqued my interest as they raised deep questions about the value of human life and judgement on evil human behaviour.

Something to cheer you up?

The first came on December 19th when Gervais posted about a hunter who was trampled to death by an elephant:

The value of a human?

Gervais’ lack of empathy or concern for the dead man (and his family) shocked me. How could the death of any man ‘cheer me up’?

Perhaps I could consider the ironic, poetic justice in a killer with a high powered weapon being killed by his defenceless prey? Yet this would seem more tragic than cheery.

The comments also shocked me. A human being was killed and people said that it did cheer them up, saying he deserved it, good riddance. Some comments included,

Also to everyone crying about how people should be sad that a ‘fellow human’ had died. To what degree to you associate yourself to be ‘fellow’ with this man? I certainly don’t feel that me and this man are in the same degree of humanity. I am more than content with myself, and I don’t feel the need to pay money to cause harm and death to exotic animals in order to fuel my ego. He was crushed by a baby elephant, I’m not a religious guy of any sort, but I can’t help but feel a little smug that this man got what he deserved. [295 likes]

poor elephant did he hurt his foot? [169 likes]

Can’t read it, just thinking about how many animals have died at his hands, makes me wanna kill him………………….Oh, that’s right, he’s dead, killed by a beautiful, innocent, majestic baby elephant, well done sweetheart [91 likes]


Now I am firmly against animal hunting and animal cruelty, but what is the value of a human life? Surely at least at some level the death of every human should be mourned?

I do wonder if Gervais’ attitude and the responses challenges the dignity of human life. One commenter said it well,

Why would death cheer me up? Are you placing the life of animals over human? It’s one thing to want to protect animals. That is noble. But to celebrate the death of a human for any reason is perverted.

One person replied to this particular comment with,

“In this case yes.fuck this piece of shit.”

Wow again!

This whole story is one of modern tragedy.

  • Tragic that people kill endangered animals, for sport, money or whatever reason.
  • Tragic that people commission hunters like Gibson to kill endangered animals.
  • Tragic that this man was killed.
  • Tragic that so many people think his death is something to cheer you up

I thought that modern atheists claim that the rejection of religion and adoption of atheism leads to moral improvement (even enlightenment) and justice and equality for all. Yet reading this thread and Ricky’s delight in the death of a human made me seriously question this. It appears that there are some more equal than others. I agreed with one commenter who said this:

This thread makes me very sad. You’re all about not harming animals yet spout the most vile things about a man dying. I COMPLETELY disagree with his hunting ideology and think trophy hunting is abominable, but some of these comments make you no better a human being than this man was, cretins


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  1. Philip Wraight permalink

    It was sad that this so called human died, but I couldn’t shed a tear for him, he took his chances and lost out, that’s life!. Lets face it, the gods of most religions have killed/murdered many humans, if you believe the written gobbledygook of religious texts!!. So I suppose what’s good for the Goose…………!!!.

    • Philip Wraight permalink

      I am assuming that learning from history (unless your old enough) that a certain A. Hitler killed himself, must have really upset you?. Look, as far as I’m concerned, if you commit atrocities, whether it be against fellow creatures, or fellow humans, you get what you deserve, either through prosecution within the law of the land, or through the law of nature!!. “Live by the sword, die by………………………..well you know!!.

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