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I’m off to see Sam Harris – what should I expect?

September 22, 2015

I was very excited today to have purchased tickets to see Sam Harris on his Australian tour in January. The tour is a while off yet, but I was wondering if anyone else was planning on coming to the events?

I have written extensively engaging Harris’ work in the past, particularly engaging his work, The Moral Landscape. I heard him speak at the 2012 Global Atheist Convention. Yet it will be great to hear him at an event by himself. I am really keen to hear what he has to say.

I did think tickets were a little expensive (you can spend up to $334 on a ticket!), and my C-reserve ticket was $79. But then again he is a bit of a rock star (and rock stars generally get paid top dollar). Do you think it’s reasonable to spend that much to hear a guest speaker?

So an evening with Sam Harris in January – what should I expect from the evening? What should I anticipate to get out of it?

I’m not entirely sure at this stage, but I’m really looking forward to it and I’m planning on blogging about my experiences.


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  1. I’ve just booked to go to the Brisbane evening on the 22nd of January. I’ve read much of his work, and am especially excited to hear Maajid Nawaz speak as a special guest.

    I also thought the tickets were awfully expensive – I spent $299 to get close to the front and have a ‘meet & greet’ with Harris, which I’m definitely looking forward to (but am still somewhat regretting spending that much money on it).

    But yes, should be good. I look forward to reading about your experiences!

  2. Flavio / California permalink

    My short comment is to say briefly that Harris is a brilliant fellow. His books always
    bring knowledge to everyone; except for those who prefer to live encapsulated by
    the spiderwebs of superstition.

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