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Did the universe have a beginning?

July 21, 2015

I recently watched this video by esteemed cosmologist Alexander Vilenkin on the origin of the universe. I must confess that I didn’t quite understand a whole lot at times – my cosmology is a little rusty! Yet I found his conclusion most interesting. He poses the question, ‘Did the universe have a beginning?’ and answers it: ‘probably yes’.

I post this as there was some debate on this blog a while back about the physics of the origin of the universe. It seems that according to Vilenkin the universe was not eternal – it had a beginning.

Now there are many who claim that this is ‘evidence’ for God – Vilenkin himself is not convinced and distances himself from divine creation in this interview.  I’m not going to go enter into that debate in this post. However, I would simply say that that Vilenkin’s conclusions do inform the discussion stimulated by this post last year.


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  1. Craig is trying to defend his Kalam Comological argument by equivocating on the word “beginning.” Craig clings to the awkward wording of “began to exist” in order to advance the “A Theory” of time. The scientific community uses the “B Theory” of time due to Einstein’s General Relativity. If one were to watch the debate between Craig and Sean Carroll or the original lecture by Vilenkin, the scientific understanding of a beginning is very different than the one Craig is trying to put forth.

    Original Debate:
    Original Lecture:

    Craig is one of the most infuriating apologists I’ve ever seen. If you’ve seen one debate you have essentially seen all of his material. It is very cookie cutter!

  2. Although Vilenkin thinks the universe did have a beginning, Alan Guth thinks it didn’t. See this link

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