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There are real people behind blog comments

June 12, 2015

Yesterday I had the pleasure to meet one of this blog’s most regular (and valued) commenter – The Skept.


(I the blog author is on the left)

After many passionate and thoughtful exchanges it was really nice to meet in person to share a bit more about our stories and to talk in person. It was certainly a lot easier to discuss and not be misunderstood or have to type long comments.

It was really nice to remember and recognise that each commenter is a real person (something that can be lost at times in the heat of a passionate discussion). I value every comment and commenter who contributes to this blog. So it was an absolute delight to meet ‘The Skept’ in person.

One thing I discovered in our meeting is that misunderstandings can be cleared up much quicker.

So I was delighted to meet one of our valued members of this little blog ‘community’. It made me realise afresh how every commenter is a real person with a story and I am committed to treating everyone with dignity, graciousness and respect – even if we disagree.


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  1. Thanks again Rob. I was a pleasure. I look forward to the next one.

    • Oops.
      “IT” was a pleasure!
      Not “I” was a pleasure.
      I’m honestly not so conceited as to think that the quality of my company is God’s gift to theists.
      ( 😉 )

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