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Is Evolution the enemy?

May 28, 2014

The relationship of the Theory of Evolution to the Christian faith has been fraught with disagreement and controversy. There are some Christians who claim that Evolution and Christianity are incompatible and this is also the view of some atheists. For example in the video above Richard Dawkins proposes that that evangelical Christians who say that ‘evolution is the enemy’ are right. He goes on to propose that more sophisticated theologians who try to integrate Evolution with Christianity are ‘deluded’. He hence says that there is a deep incompatibility between Evolution and Christianity.

There are numerous challenges in aligning the discoveries of the natural sciences with the Bible. Yet it is my view that there isn’t the deep incompatibility that Dawkins proposes. My recent post Is there a natural death? was one piece in the puzzle to demonstrate that the gulf between the Theory of Evolution and the Scriptures is not as wide as people like Dawkins suggest. In the post I propose that death, which appears a ‘natural’ part of the world according to Evolution, is also consistent with the Scriptures. Obviously there is more to say, and I will say more in time, but I hope this post clarifies the rationale for placing the previous post on this blog.

It is worth noting (probably less relevant to my atheist readers) that this video was actually appears on the YouTube channel of Creation Ministries International – a Christian organisation. I find it slightly confusing as to why a Christian organisation would use the claims of the world’s leading atheist to criticise their so called Christian ‘friends’.

Anyway, this post (and the one before it) are an attempt to open up a reasonable discussion in response to Dawkins’ claim as to the relationship between Evolution and Scripture.


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  1. Obviously death was a natural property of Adam and the woman in the Garden, otherwise there would have been no need for a Tree of Life to remedy it. And as soon as their access to this tree was cut off, they began to die. The other fruit only conferred the power to make ethical choices. The threat that this fruit was immediately fatal was obviously hyperbole, expanded and reinforced by Eve when she said it was fatal to even touch it. All this, of course, working within the assumption that the scriptures are literally true.

    • Yes, I tend to agree – and it all does work within the assumption that the Scriptures are true.

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