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The red A

May 19, 2014

A post which I wrote a while back but certainly stimulated some thoughts. I’m using it as source material for another post I’m writing.

City Bible Forum, Melbourne

Recently I was handing out flyers for our lunchtime series at Parliament station when I noticed someone walk past with a red atheist, ‘A’, pinned on his lapel. The red A is a fairly defining feature of the New Atheism. It is a symbol used quite widely and is endorsed by Richard Dawkins.

This prompted me to think about one of the claims of the new atheists that atheism is not a ‘belief’. The analogy is often posed against stamp collecting, the argument runs like this, atheism is as much a belief as not collecting stamps is a hobby. Richard Dawkins suggests the same logic in his book The God Delusion. On page 278 he asks who would ever go to war for the absence of a belief. It implies that atheism isn’t really a ‘belief’.

I find this hard to accept, and the pinning of the red A on the lapel confirms it. Why…

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