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Did Jesus exist? (in just one minute)

October 4, 2013

Another project I’ve been working on over the last few months is a series of YouTube videos called ‘One Minute Answers‘. In our time poor world we’d like answers to big questions quickly. Many of these answers I think are relevant to this blog as they deal directly with issues pertaining to modern atheism. So I’ll start posting the video and the relevant text to start some conversation. Enjoy!

This question often posed by extreme skeptics.

The evidence that Jesus existed is overwhelming and is agreed by virtually all experts in the field.

  • The New Testament letters – written within 30 years of Jesus’ life – assume the existence of an historical character of Jesus.

  • We have four narratives of his life, in the form of an ancient historical biography, all published within a lifetime of Jesus’ life.

  • A movement of people, the Christians, developed which claimed to remember and venerate this man. If Jesus didn’t exist, how did this movement start?

  • References to Jesus in non-Christian sources, notably Josephus and Tacitus – they assume he was a real historical character.

The non-existence of Jesus is convenient for the skeptic, because you can ignore him and claim the religious are irrational. But this conclusion is not the result of evidence based reasoning. Jesus really did exist.

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