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Noah’s Ark found?

May 4, 2010

A group of explorers have recently claimed to have discovered Noah’s Ark. They are not 100% certain but are 99.9% certain. The link to the story is here…

If true this would be an extraordinary find. How could a giant boat be discovered 4000m up a mountain?

Was there a giant flood covering the entire world kilometres deep? If the answer to this is yes, then this immediately prompts probing questions concerning the geological history and the formation of the world, in which the scientific community generally agree that there wasn’t a recent giant flood inundating the world. It would also ask other probing questions on the nature of history and ask why there is little evidence of  flood damage in other ancient civilizations e.g. Jericho or Egypt. It would also ask questions about evaporation and fluid dynamics for the sheer weight of this water under current scientific models suggest the weight would be too much to bear (and there would be too much water and there are few adequate explanations of where such water went).  It would also ask probing questions on the nature of animal migration after the flood – how did the animals all leave and move quickly around the world negotiating such a high altitude and rocky terrain in the process?

This would be an extraordinary find and if true would engage the scientific community for decades in assimilating this piece of data into scientific models.

However it may also be pertinent to ask if there are any other explanations for this wood on the mountain? Was there another civilization there? Are there any alternatives?

It is difficult to draw any reasonable conclusions from the paucity of information in the reported story. It is certainly a fascinating find and we look forward with great anticipation to hearing more about what is revealed. It sounds like it will be a well-watched documentary (it couldn’t be just a great piece of PR to generate interest, could it?)

It is also interesting that this group used carbon dating to date the find and yet many young earth creationists deny the scientific credibility of carbon dating. This is a curious move and it will be interesting to hear more as more information is released.


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